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N.C. Wyeth: "I am Sir Launcelot du Lake." Illustration for The Boy's King ArthurI absolutely adore Arthurian legend, so I couldn’t pass up the chance to learn more about King Arthur and the fabled kingdom of Camelot when I stumbled across the History Channel’s “The Knights of Camelot” documentary.

Part of the “History’s Mysteries” series by the History Channel, “The Knights of Camelot” sought to discuss the possibility of a real King Arthur, along with the many myths surrounding him. Some of the myths covered were Merlin, Guinevere, Lancelot, the Holy Grail, Camelot, and a few other topics that make up the grand legend of Arthur we have today.

While I think that this documentary was on the right track, I feel that the producers were given too little time (under an hour) for such an imposing topic. There is so much to cover when it comes to the myth of King Arthur and his knights, and I think that trying to squeeze such a grandiose topic into an 45-minute segment was overly ambitious.

And, as far as proving whether or not a real Arthur existed, this documentary was only able to go skin deep.

For those of you who are literature geeks however, I do want to point out that you will probably enjoy this documentary, particularly the end. One of the things that I greatly appreciated about this documentary was how it traced the shaping of the Arthurian legend through literature, and how each version of the tale represented the culture in which it was written.

Bottom Line: If you are looking for a short documentary to whet your whistle when it comes to King Arthur and his knights, I’d definitely encourage you to check this out. But if you’re looking for a documentary about King Arthur that’s more in-depth, I would still encourage you to watch this documentary, but to keep in mind that you’ll need to look elsewhere for something more comprehensive.

I watched the documentary here, but I’ve also embedded it below for your convenience.

Seen this documentary? Know of any good documentaries about King Arthur? I’d love to hear about it in the comments. 🙂


This is a review I wrote for the Hesed Books and Gifts blog a while back, but I couldn’t help but share it here too as I really loved the documentary. Enjoy!

While I would never have gone so far as to call myself a Sherlock Holmes expert, I felt pretty comfortable in my knowledge of everyone’s favorite detective as well as the lore surrounding Sir Arthur Conan Doyle and the writing of the Holmes stories.

That’s why I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled across the documentary Sherlock Holmes: The True Story, which outlines the life and times of Dr. Joseph Bell—the real-life individual who inspired the character of Holmes.  Previous to watching this documentary, I thought the idea of Holmes being based on a real-life counterpart was a myth.

Less than an hour in length, I would say that this documentary is a must-watch for any Holmes fan. While there have been some comments that it’s a very Americanized look at Holmes, I still think it’s worth viewing. I know that I learned a lot, both about Bell, and about Doyle, who I think may have based the character of Watson partly on himself, since Doyle was an assistant to Dr. Bell for a year before he completed medical school.

You can watch the documentary for free on the site, or you can watch the embedded version below. Either way, enjoy, and be sure to tell me what you think of it!

Seen any other great documentaries on Holmes or Sir Arthur Conan Doyle? If so, I’d love to hear about them! 🙂

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