I love learning, which is probably the number one reason why I love documentaries.

Since graduating from college, documentaries have given me my learning fix. I watch/listen to documentaries whenever I have the chance, usually playing them in the background when I’m working or cleaning up around the house.

After watching so many documentaries, I started to wonder if I should do something to share the ones I’d watched with others. I knew that there had to be other people out there who loved documentaries just as much as I did, and were interested in more than just reviews of popular documentaries or documentaries of a certain genre.

Because I will watch everything. (Literally.) One day it will be a documentary about the rise and fall of the French monarchy, and the next day I’ll be listening to biographical documentaries about pro wrestlers.

Randomness is the spice of life, no?

So if you love learning, documentaries, or either of the above, this site might just be for you. The only requirement I have when watching docs is that they be fairly well done, information-wise. While I do like documentaries to have good cinematography, I will usually let that slide if they have good information.

So there you have it. I am a documentary geek (hence the name) and hope to share this love with anyone who’s interested!


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